Crazy Dog

Crazy on the outside,

quality on the inside.

It's a crazy story . . .

The Crazy Dog brand was developed to celebrate and foster the fun that pets bring to our life. They add so much joy to our lives, it’s important that we give them the tools they need to be genuine members of the family - basic manners.

Sadly so many dogs are adopted by people that don’t understand the responsibility of training them so they have manners and fit into the family. When the dog doesn’t live up to their expectations, they take it back to the shelter. Crazy Dog wants to help everyone train their dog to be that valuable member of the family!

That’s why we developed “Train-Me!” Treats. Train-Me! Treats grab a dogs attention, focus him on completing a task to get the treat (motivation) and reward him for learning! And, we encourage everyone to learn how to train their dog from a professional dog trainer! Your favorite pet store will be sure to have dog trainers as employees or be able to recommend a local dog trainer.

Training is a lifelong “refresher” course with dogs and its important to always be consistent with your house rules, but once they are trained to sit, stay and come on command, to not jump on people and to do some fun things like “shake” or “hi-5” they Graduateto being able to go anywhere with you!

That’s where Walkies Fit Bites come in! Dogs need exercise! The most important reason on that list is that the more exercise they have the less behavior problems they’ll have. They’ll be tired and ready to cuddle with the family after their walks. Walking, running, fetching & retrieving keeps dogs healthy and happy. Walkies Fit Bites have the added taurine for heart health, L-carnitine for weight support and glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate for joint health.


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