Crazy Dog Grooming Spray

Green Apple Grooming Spray

  • Negative charge pulls out dirt and static
  • Panthenol conditions and makes combing and brushing easy, separates the hair and gives a professional "groom" and removes tangles and helps prevent tangles
  • High quality fragrance oils last for days

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This is the Bored Room, where the Crazy Pet teams meets to review ideas

This is the Bored Room, where the Crazy Pet teams meets to review ideas. The Crazy Pet team works hard sniffing out new ideas in this room, with hardly any fire hydrant or litter box breaks. Sure, the Crazy Pet team sometimes argues like dogs and cats here, but in the end they always pull together to make their good ideas work.

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Green Apple Grooming Sprays

Professional grooming spray: Cleans, Conditions, Detangles, Takes out Static, Leaves a Long-Lasting Scent. Use in-between baths for a "dry" bath.

Crazy Dog Grooming Spray label copy is humorous but explanatory because non-groomers aren't always familiar with the benefits of an all-purpose grooming spray.

Example: "When your dog's been on an expedition and you don't have time to shampoo, use my Rain Forest Grooming Mist to clean, detangle, condition, take out static, add shine and leave a fresh lasting fragrance. It's a oneshot bath in a bottle - better than standing under a waterfall!"

RECOMMENDED FOR: All types of breeds and for people who think giving their dog a bath is fun, for people who like their pet to smell good after the bath, for owners who like to "spiff up" their pet in-between baths with a matching spray.

Head South to the nearest tropical rain forest. Mist coats thoroughly, brush out dirt and tangles. Find your dog a dry spot under a palm tree and air dry in the gently breeze. Use on dry coats for in-between baths, use as a freshen-up fragrance, or use on wet coats to remove tangles.

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