Crazy Dog Grooming Shampoo

Verry Berry Shampoo

Professional quality conditioning shampoo for general use on all breeds of dogs for maximum groom ability. Special themed scents for each shampoo name.

  • Mild Cleansing Shampoo with Added Conditioners
  • Adds Luster and Shine to the Coat
  • Leaves Coat Soft & Easy to Groom, Cuts Static
  • Long Lasting Scent

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This is the Bored Room, where the Crazy Pet teams meets to review ideas

This is the Bored Room, where the Crazy Pet teams meets to review ideas. The Crazy Pet team works hard sniffing out new ideas in this room, with hardly any fire hydrant or litter box breaks. Sure, the Crazy Pet team sometimes argues like dogs and cats here, but in the end they always pull together to make their good ideas work.

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Verry Berry Shampoo

RECOMMENDED FOR: All types of breeds and for people who think giving their dog a bath is fun, for people who like their pet to smell good after the bath, for owners who like to "spiff up" their pet in-between baths with a matching spray.

Features & Benefits: Crazy Dog Shampoos are formulated to clean, condition and moisturize all coat types. Good for all breeds. Conditions and adds body and luster to all coat types. Contains panthenol (pro-vitamin B-5), which promotes long lasting moisturization, improves manageability, improves conditioning to a damaged coat and provides for a fuller and more luxurious shine. Extra natural coat conditioning is derived from wheat protein.

Directions on the Crazy Dog shampoos are humorous and impractical - because it doesn't take an instruction manual to bathe a dog. Here's an example of part of the Rainforest Shampoo: "My Rainforest shampoo cleans like a tropical downpour, conditions coats to be as soft as moss and adds luster like sunshine! Immerse your dog in the pool at the bottom of a cascading waterfall. (You'd better be standing next to him!) Drench him with my Rainforest shampoo. Massage in so it gets down to the skin. Rinse under a tropical rain shower. Dry in the warm sunshine or use my Crazy Dog dryer."

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