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Benefits Of Dog Walking

Making Strides:
Benefits Of Walking


Walking is the ultimate doggie exercise. It can be done anywhere, anytime – and It offers advantages that span from physical fitness to mental health to social interaction and many things between. Here are a few of our favorite walking benefits.

Physical Benefits of Walking

• First and foremost walking is a great way to keep your dog fit!

• It also helps prevent canine obesity, which causes discomfort and many secondary health problems.

• Staying on the move strengthens muscles – increasing a dog’s range of motion and taking the pressure of weight off joints.

• Walking daily is good for joint health, too (in dogs and people). It slows down joint deterioration and lessens chances of joint injury in older dogs.

• Regular walks also keep the canine digestive system “moving.” They can help relieve indigestion and constipation in dogs (which means less stinky pups).

Mental Health Advantages of Walks
• Taking a stroll everyday wears dogs out. When pups sleep better, they have lower anxiety.

• Daily walks also reduce long-term stress in dogs according to research from the University of Parma, Italy.

• Walking helps dogs stay mentally active, reducing the chances that they’ll develop Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS), also referred to as “doggie Alzheimer’s.”

Social and Behavioral Benefits


• Walking each day provides essential social time with the world. Dogs need to take in all the social scents and sounds left for them by other animals.

• They also need the chance to get out and be directly social with people and pets that live outside the home.

• Worn out dogs are better behaved. Daily walks help reduce problems like hyperactivity.

• Time spent walking strengthens the human-canine bond. Getting out and experiencing things together in a stress-free environment will bring you and your pet closer.

Get out and moving with your furry friend today! Need a place to go? Click here to check out our list of dog parks.

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