About Crazy Pet

This is the Crazy Pet company's headquarters. Inside, Crazy Dog, history's world's first entrepreneurial canine and his staff of dogs and cats dream up some of the world's most original products, like peanut butter toothpaste and Pina Colada shampoo. When people ask Crazy Dog what his company specializes in, he simply growls "cool ideas." This is the mission of the Crazy Pet company -- to think outside the box and bring excitement to every product that bears the company's name. "Our goal is to stamp out dullness in all its forms," said Crazy Dog. "Because let's face it, life is too short and too Crazy for us not to put fun in everything we do, even if its washing our socks."

This is the Bored Room, where the Crazy Pet teams meets to review ideas. The Crazy Pet team works hard sniffing out new ideas in this room, with hardly any fire hydrant or litter box breaks. Sure, the Crazy Pet team sometimes argues like dogs and cats here, but in the end they always pull together to make their good ideas work.

Being creative is hard work. That's why the Crazy Pet facility provides its staff with plenty of places where they can relax and unwind. This looks like a beach, but in reality it's our janitor's closet. Crazy Pet management has created the look and feel of an exclusive resort here through the clever use of lighting and graphics. Now you know why Crazy Pet has won such wide spread recognition for its innovative package designs and promotions.

Back to more serious work. This is our top secret product development laboratory. Right now, we're working on a top secret project. Our R and D team is busy observing this area in an effort to determine why anyone would come to this lab instead of enjoying our beautiful beach!

This is our marketing department. This is where Crazy Dog and his staff come up with new ways to get our message out to the public even if this means ...

Taking to the air and sea!

Of course all this creativity makes you work up an appetite, which is why the Crazy Pet facility has a great employee Cat and Dog-A-Teria. As our founder Crazy Dog likes to say, "As a red-blooded American canine, I like to sink my teeth into things, whether it's a good meal or the leg of a nice new leather couch... just kidding about that one!!! Life is Crazy, and our business is serious, so it's OK to kid around and have fun.

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